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  • Martina Koziak - Director of Finance and Administration, Page after Page

    "In the beginning stages of our conversion process, I researched the kind of system and features we needed to have. From about 10 different companies, I immediately honed in on e-automate. It was heads and tails above any software I had seen before. This conversion has been a very big deal for our company, as we converted from a home grown proprietary system to a state of the art software package. Our success has been attributable to the preparation Digital Gateway implementation specialists have given us. e-automates has consolidated our billing and made things so much easier. Page after Page is a "Printer centric" Toner Service Company. We are a high volume low dollar business and generate about 600 invoices a week. With constant dispatching and handling lots of contracts each day, we needed software that could keep up with our needs. It fits our business model so well. I am confident that we made the right choice with choosing e-automate."

    Jennifer D. Mrozek, CPA - Chief Financial Officer, Marco, Inc.

    "We are very pleased with our decision to convert to e-automate. It is superior to our legacy system in helping us manage our business. We believe it is the top ERP software solution for our industry on the market. The data conversion went very well. The Digital Gateway staff was dedicated to us during the entire process. Going forward, Digital Gateway is committed to enhancing their product to make it an invaluable tool in managing Document Solution and IT organizations."

    Mali Piotrowski - Inventory Control Specialist/Dispatch Supervisor, MSA, Inc.

    "e-automate has taken several steps out of what used to be at best a difficult task. Getting an equipment order from inception to invoiced is virtually stress free and watching the document flow from a quote to a sales order to a PO to an invoice, has made billing equipment something to actually look forward to."

    Leigh Anne Corley - Assistant Controller, Image One Corp.

    "Please forward my sincere gratitude to the developers and management of Digital Gateway. e-automate is AWESOME!! The new functionality has vastly improved my ability to provide accurate information to my sales representatives (Bulk Updates to clean up our data), reduced the time I spend closing the month (Contract Proposals and Recurring Journal Entries) and improved my ability to report accurately our revenues, liabilities and financial position (Contract Proposals & Metrics). It is incredibly comforting to know that I am working with a vendor that listens to their customers and makes enhancements based on their customer's needs."

    Dee Palmer - Controller, Complete Business Systems of Colorado, Inc.

    "Wow! Talk about a smooth conversion. We didn't miss a beat... Within four days it was business as usual. The impact that this software has had on us is astounding. This was truly a great business decision."

    Casey Cook - President/CEO, Addtronics Business Systems

    "For those Cal type customers who have concerns on converting to e-automate by Digital Gateway, I would like to set your mind at ease. The platinum implementation and training staff will do what ever it takes to make your organization successful. Addtronics Business Systems converted the first of December, 2005 and the conversion went extremely well. As expected we are continuing to learn the application and adjust the way we do business. We are very satisfied with the implementation and gradually developing confidence in our ability to operate a-automate."

    David Akin - Operations Manager, Quality Retail Systems

    "We are pleased to report that our conversion from Caltype to e-automate went relatively smoothly. We have found e-automate to be very user-friendly, the CD training has been very good, the on-line help has been excellent, and the on-site trainer was very knowledgeable. We like the new reporting capabilities and we're confident our ROI will be significant."

    Jamie Hoffman, CPA - Chief Financial Officer, Offix LC

    "We selected Digital Gateway's a-automate product after careful consideration of many of its competitors. I truly believe that this software package is superior to the competition due to its ease of use and reporting capabilities. Further, we have been very satisfied with the migration and implementation support we have received from Digital Gateway from day one. We also have gained efficiencies in our administrative functions since switching to E-automate that have positively impacted our bottom line. I highly recommend that dealers consider partnering with Digital Gateway to successfully manage their businesses."

    Jill Jurevich - CFO, Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.

    "We are happy that we made the switch. From an accounting point of view, we now have a General Ledger system that is "accountant" friendly. The contracts operation appears that it will be a much smoother process. Our IT department is now assured that we will have stable data that is so important to our business. And, our users appreciate the windows look, feel, and use that they are accustomed to in other modern windows programs."

    Joe Weis - President, Uinta Business Systems, Inc.

    "Uinta Business Systems is a satisfied user of e-automate for both the Copier/Printer and IT/VAR divisions of our business. Digital Gateway's willingness to listen and innovate sets your company apart from others in your industry."

    Terry Chapman - Owner, Business Electronics Plus

    "e-automate is the best product on the market today. It's the easiet to learn and integrate into your business and it's built on the correct technology for the future."

    Rick Stillwell - Owner, CardSmart Systems, Inc.

    "We saw significant Improvement in manager our service business and our inventory when we implemented e-automate."

    Scott Diamond - President, Mountainland Business Solutions

    "With e-automate, I now know how profitable my service contracts are and how well my technicians are performing."

    Hugo Garcia - President, IntelaCard

    "I now have access to critical business information that helps me run our businesses more efficiently."

    Customer Testimonials - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software - Copier Dealer Software - e-automate Dealer Software

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