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 Service Management

Consolidate your time and resources with e-automate service management features. Gain control over your billing and service contracts. Keep track of and optimize your service technicians with the intuitive and powerful e-automate dispatch console. e-automate puts your company on the "cutting edge" of technology and ensures maximum productivity and profitability from your service organization.

Contract Types:
  • Block time contracts
  • Deposit-based billing contracts
  • Cost per copy contracts
  • Installment billed maintenance contracts
  • Designate contract coverage by contract or by equipment
Base Rates/Overages
  • Rates can be billed by contract or equipment
  • Base rates can be pre-billed or billed in arrears
  • Overage and copy charges can be grouped by contract or designated by equipment
  • Overage tables up to 10 levels or 10 overage rate quantity breaks
  • Use separate base rate and overage charge billing cycles

Call Entry Window
Provides Detailed Information On:

  • Contract details
  • Servicing history
  • Customer credit status and account history
  • Equipment details
  • Equipment preventative maintenance
  • Warranty expiration
  • Contact information
Easy To Read Dispatch Console
Tracks Calls By Technician
  • Drag & drop service call reassignment from dispatch console
  • Drag and drop call rescheduling & reassignment
  • Call schedule conflict notification
Flexible Billing
  • Group billing for multiple contracts on a single invoice
  • Unlimited number of user defined billing cycles
  • Bill a miscellaneous charge on contract billing invoices, i.e. shipping, equipment added to contract, or supplies not covered
  • Bill initial deposit amount
  • Expire by date or copies
  • Automatically deduct labor and materials charges from the deposit amount and maintain a running balance
  • When the deposit balance has dropped to a designated amount, e-automate automatically re-bills the client the amount needed to return the deposit to its original balance
  • Designate discount percentages for labor and/or materials charges
  • Unlimited pieces of equipment per contract
Call Management Reports
  • Technician performance reports
  • Equipment performance reports
  • Service history reports
  • Cancelled call coding allows tracking of cancellation causes
  • Track preventative maintenance by date and/or copies
  • Equipment warranty expiration tracking by date and/or copies
  • Technician car stock management
  • Mileage tracking including automatic mileage calculation based on beginning and ending odometer readings
  • Void service invoices and reset calls
  • Quick call entry, dispatch, and clearing
  • Include labor for multiple technicians on a single call
  • Record multiple days per technician on a single call
  • Assign an unlimited number of problem and repair codes for each call
  • Bill miscellaneous charges on service invoices
  • Assign equipment response time, contact, technician, territory and bill to defaults
  • Create service calls without designating equipment
  • Add or edit equipment while entering a service call
  • Ability to support multiple pieces of equipment on a single service call / work order.

True Windows® functionality allows you to resize, adjust, minimize, maximize, cascade, and tile windows

Navigate with intuitive tool bars based on the natural flow of your business

Complete online help system

Give customers online access to account and equipment information

Easily view technician’s location, service calls, and routes

e-automate Service - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software - Copier Dealer Software - e-automate Dealer Software

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