Remote Tech

Supercharge the most important
profit center of your business

Service can make or break your gross profit margin. RemoteTech is helping hundreds of dealers nationwide to extend their profitability through better service management. As an add-on module product for e-automate dealer management software, you can use RemoteTech to supercharge your field service technicians with the ability to get service call information, manage service activities, and input data while out in the field using a laptop, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry.

All the information your technicians put into RemoteTech is seamlessly integrated back into your e-automate and all in real-time, ultimately taking a lot of burden off of your dispatchers and service manager so they can focus on providing the best customer experience they can for your business.Information from RemoteTech can be shared with your dealership in real-time or service calls can be handled offline and synchronized with the system later. At about one-third the cost of other comparable solutions, it won't take long to see big dividends.

Some of the key features of RemoteTech:

  • Technician call queue
  • Dispatch, arrival, record parts, meters, labor, odometer, service notes
  • Call history, including full details
  • Reschedule
  • Field Transfer for tech to tech part exchange
  • Timecard entry
  • Integrated mapping using Google Maps™
  • App-based barcode scanning for parts entry
  • Field Manager tools:
    • Call list report with several report filters
    • Reassign calls

Item Lookup

Item lookup is a tool in RemoteTech than can be used by Technicians to query inventory item information from your dealership's e-automate database, all it requires is a live connection to the internet.

  • Item number
  • Item description
  • Vendors number
  • Past vendor numbers stored in the vendor history

Call Lists

  • Date filter
  • Tech filter
  • Territory filter
  • Status filter
    • All Open Statuses
    • All Statuses
    • Cleared
    • Completed
    • Dispatched
    • On Hold
    • Invoiced
    • OK to Invoice
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Canceled
  • Customer filter
  • Equipment filter

Create Call

Technicians can use this feature to create service calls in the field. When creating service calls technicians are required to create a call using the equipment number assigned to the equipment. If the technician does not know the equipment number he/she can lookup the number using information about the customer, serial number, make, model, and item description.

Time Entry

  • Create Time Card
  • Verify Daily Time
  • Submit Time Cards

Process Service Call

  • Dispatching and Arriving
  • Record Materials Used
  • Record Meters
  • Record Problem and Repair Codes
  • Record Miscellaneous Information
  • Edit Labor on Service Calls
  • Complete or Reschedule a Call
  • Release a Parts Available Call

Field Transfers

  • Transfer link to transfer the item(s), at the listed quantity, to the identified technician
  • Edit link to modify the quantity or serial number leaving the technician's stock and then transfer the modified items
  • Cancel link to deny the request and keep the inventory
  • Status filter

Fax Test

When working on a fax machine technicians can use the Fax Test tool to request a fax be sent to a fax machine in which they are working.

Call List

Technicians can use the call list to see a list of service calls assigned to them. The call list also provides access to the "Logout" link, "Tools" link, and "Parts Transfer Requests" link. In the call list section, RemoteTech can display the service call number as a link as well as the:

  • Customer Name
  • Call Status
  • Call Description
  • Make/Model
  • Call Due Time
  • Service Call Address

For additional information about a call, the technician can click the "Call Number" link to begin work on the call or view additional information.

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