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 Inventory Management

e-automate offers powerful inventory management features designed to track, organize, and monitor an unlimited number of inventory items including serial controlled items. Items can be associated with Accessories, Parts, Supplies with drill-down ability on equipment to show subcomponents. Price sheets can be created to show related items and integrate into our Sales Quotes, Orders, and Invoices and well as support our web-interface (e-info). By simplifying transfers, restocks, and purchasing, you can tighten your inventory turns and increase profits.

Unlimited Number Of Inventory Items
  • 15 character alphanumeric item numbers
  • Quickly add new items by copying user defined templates
  • Full support for item serialization
  • Multiple inventory item classifications for tracking
  • Automatic or manual assigning of item bar code numbers
  • Unlimited units of measure for any item
  • Vendor item costs automatically updated on item profile
  • Designate unique vendor item numbers
  • Track multiple vendors per item
  • Designate item ordering lead times
  • Item substitute and replacement feature
  • Inactivate discontinued items while retaining a permanent item history
  • Item cross referencing to track multiple vendors of a single item
Easy Access To Vendor Cost For Items
  • Price items by absolute dollar price, markup percentage, margin required, or percent of a default price
  • Quantity discount pricing
  • Multiple costing methods for inventory valuation
  • Quick access to LIFO/FIFO cost layers
  • Automatic allocation of freight or other charges paid by separate invoice
  • Unlimited price levels for any item
Unlimited Number Of Warehouses
  • Unlimited number of bins within a warehouse
  • Quick access to on screen item location information
  • Physical inventory count sheets
  • Quick entry of physical inventory counts
  • Batch posting of physical inventory count adjustments
Restock/Reorder Report Lists
Items That Have Reached Designated
Restock/Reorder Points

Barcode Printing

Equipment Subcomponents

  • Items can be associated with related items such as Accessories, Parts, and Supplies
  • Drill down from item to subcomponents
  • Items can be marked "web enabled"
  • New items and "related items" can be created "on the fly"
Price Sheets
  • Ability to create price sheets containing list of items, price levels, quantity and discount for each item
  • Integrates with Sales Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Equipment Subcomponent structure, and our web-interface product (e-info)

True Windows® functionality allows you to resize, adjust, minimize, maximize, cascade, and tile windows

Navigate with intuitive tool bars based on the natural flow of your business

Complete online help system

Give customers online access to account and equipment information

Easily view technician’s location, service calls, and routes

e-automate Inventory - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software - Copier Dealer Software - e-automate Dealer Software - Inventory Management Software

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