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Digital Quote Manager is a powerful tool for both sales managers and their reps. It includes an admin tool for managers that allows them to define specific equipment and accessory configurations, out cost assignments and sales rep assignments. Once these aspects are defined and the rules are set-up, sales reps can create sales quotes in a fraction of the time using correct equipment configurations. This takes the hassle out of quote generation and eliminates costly errors caused by incorrect equipment configurations.

Digital Quote Manager also includes Digital Pricing and the Total Cost of Ownership analysis tool. These essential utilities will enable your DQM application to identify costs associated with your customer's current equipment and seek out cost effective real-time pricing in any proposal you create from several prominent office/toner supply companies. These tools ensure you are in the best possible position to develop a cost savings proposal that will prove profitable not just to the customer/prospect but your dealership as well.

Digital Quote Manager makes organizing and keeping track of quotes a breeze. Quotes are organized by customer or prospect. Within the customer and prospect accounts, the quotes are organized by the opportunity they represent. You can relate each opportunity to one or more sales quotes. For example, you can organize one quote under the "Demo" opportunity if this quote is simply for demo equipment and another quote under the "May Sale" opportunity if the sales quote is for equipment sold under a special promotion that takes place in May.

Digital Quote Manager breaks the sales quote into serveral tabs to make it easy and accessible for sales reps creating the quote.

The Current Situation tab displays a snapshot of the customer's current equipment cost situation, pulled from the Client TCO application, and a snapshot of the proposed price you can offer them, pulled from the Digital Pricing tab. Side by side you can compare the Current Client Costs and the Proposed Client Costs. You can also view the overall monthly totals for the current costs, the costs with the new proposal, and overall total savings per month the customer would realize under your new proposal.

The Configured Items tab is where host equipment and their related items are added to the sales quote. These items have been previously configured by the admin tool. As sales reps add items to the quote, the total dollar amount for the out cost and suggested price of the selected items are displayed. Sales reps can view all host equipment and their related items at once, or can collapse groupings to view a specific host equipment with its related items. This makes even complex quotes easy to navigate and understand.

The Other Items tab is where sales reps add any extra items needed in the quote that are not related to the host equipment. The admin tool dictates what items are shown on this tab.

The Contract Options tab allows sales reps to list leasing options and their related terms on the quote.

The Equipment Service tab is where cost per page information is listed. Volume, service and overage rates for both black and white and color copies are selected for each equipment configuration.

The Billing/Shipping tab is where the sales rep includes the bill-to and ship-to to information.

The Summary Window is displayed in the sales quote to give running totals at-a-glance as sales reps enter information.

Digital Quote Manager - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software - Copier Dealer Software - e-automate Dealer Software - Auto Sales Quote Software - Quote Software

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