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Platinum Conversion

Platinum conversion is the most advanced conversion package we offer. This conversion is done remotely at e-automate with a seasoned consultant and then followed up with a three day onsite visit. The objective of this conversion package is to return back to the customer the most completed database possible based on the customer's current data requirements. The conversion process is typically 45-60 days from the time the contract is signed until the first transaction date in e-automate. The completed database will include the ability to process a sales order, a purchase order, a service call, and complete a contract bill. The following is the list of features offered in this conversion.

Features Offered
Conversion Guide x
Data Import/Export Spreadsheet x
STEPS Registration x
Project Plan x
Conversion Data Analysis x
Primary Data x
Use Case Testing x
30 Day Follow-Up x
Security Configuration x
Secondary Data x
Opening Balance Entries - AR, AP, IN, CB x
Logos and Check Support x
Unique Tables x
Beginning GL Balances  
Additional Product Setup and Configuration  
Conversion Process Analysis  
On-Site Visit 3 Days

Conversion Guide - a comprehensive guide outlining how to setup e-automate.

Data Import/Export Spreadsheet - a spreadsheet that allows certain tables to be inserted into the system. The tables included in the spreadsheet are:

STEPS Registration - as part of this conversion, STEPS is setup and registered. STEPS is help in e-automate. It stands for Systematic Training and Expert Performance Support.
Project Plan - the project plan is an outline of the key dates of the conversion process to ensure the first transaction date is achieved. A silver conversion should plan on a 2-3 week conversion window from the time data is received until the first transaction date.
Conversion Data Analysis - before the conversion process begins, an experienced consultant will analyze the customer's accounting practices and chart of accounts to determine what changes can be done to ensure accurate accounting in e-automate. The customer should provide a chart of accounts, a list of codes and categories, and a list of contract types and contract billing rules they currently use.
Primary Data - the primary data is what is converted to ensure a smooth and accurate as possible transition from a customer's current system or systems to e-automate. With this data, the customer is able to process a sales order, a purchase order, a service call, and complete a contract bill. The primary data includes the following tables: Use Case Testing - once the database is received by the customer, the customer and their consultant will run a sample test to ensure that at least a sales order, a purchase order, a service call, and a contract bill can be processed accurately in e-automate. In addition, GL postings will be reviewed to ensure the proper accounts are being used. The customer should choose a sample size of 10 transactions from their current database to test. This time will not be used for training.
30 Day Follow-Up - after 30 days, the customer's consultant will follow-up to ensure the customer is progressing in e-automate. This will allow the consultant to determine if additional help is needed for the customer and to flush out any problems there may have been with the conversion.
Security Configuration - the consultant will ensure the customer's security settings are setup.
Secondary Data - the secondary data is the additional data converted prior to the first transaction date. This data is converted either prior to sending the database to the customer. This additional data is typically not located in other systems and may require the customer to populate a spreadsheet to ensure we can insert this data. This additional data is not required, only offered and will not affect the first transaction date if not completed. The following is the list of secondary data we offer to convert: Open Balance Entries - this includes loading all current open accounts receivable and accounts payable invoices, all open cashbook transactions plus a beginning cashbook balance, and the beginning inventory balances by location for each item. If possible, this is typically loaded the day before the first transaction date. The customer is recommended to do a physical inventory prior to the first transaction date to ensure an accurate inventory beginning balance. The customer may be required to extract this information to excel to ensure their consultant can load the information into e-automate.
Logos and Check Support - this includes setting up the logo to print accurately on invoices. The customer must provide the logo in a .bmp, .jpg, or .tif file. The check support includes basic alignment of the customer's check to ensure they can continue to use the check in e-automate. This does not include a complete redo and customization of a check. That can be done through Digital Gateway's custom report writer.
Unique Data - some systems do not have as much functionality as e-automate and some customers want to take full advantage of those functionalities. The platinum conversion allows a customer to take full advantage of those functionalities by working with their consultant to setup the unique data that is specific to their needs. These tables are more complex than the rest and will not be setup until after the database's primary and secondary data is completed. The following is an example of some of the unique data converted: 3 Day On-Site Visit - this visit is used to complete the conversion of the data to ensure the customer can meet their first transaction date. Typically, this visit is done the week before the first transaction date. It is not to be used as a training visit but as a visit to test and complete the data. The customer should have installed e-automate prior to the visit to ensure the consultant is able to complete the conversion. The consultant's sole purpose is to complete the database during this visit.

e-automate Platinum Conversion - Office Equipment Management Software - Service Management Software - Copier Dealer Software - e-automate Dealer Software - Data Conversion

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